We just recieved this touching note from one our clients in Forestville. Thanks so much for the kind words Alayna!

Dear TJ,

My name is Alayna S.. I live in Forestville NY. I wanted to inform you of the fantastic and exceptionally good service from Josh, Kyle, and James of the Falconer/Jamestown NY office offered to me and my husband.

To give you slight background of the situation. My husband and I were in the process of putting a new propane tank in. And when the propane company came to install their tank, they realized that the gas lines to my house are not up to code being a 1982 build double wide trailer. And he requested that I needed to fix this problem before he could install the new propane tank. That’s where you come in.

I called TJ’s and scheduled for my free estimate. So the very next day, Josh and Kyle came and did the estimate. They got a handle on the situation, stayed in contact with their GM, and gave me a quote. I then accepted the job that needed to be done. So the very next day, those two came right back and did the job that needed to be done for the propane tank. Unfortunately when they went to do the pressure test, due to my corroded lines and such, the test failed, and sadly we had to resort to putting all new lines in. But those two explained everything to me and explained the reason for why the pipes had to be completely redone. And due to the gravity of the situation, they stayed for as long as necessary to make sure the job was done, which was a 9:30am to about 7:00/7:30 to make sure that at their general managers request, we at least got heat for the weekend till they could come back on Monday and finish the rest since the original work took longer than expected. And so I accepted the job for the new lines, and so, today as I write this, James came in Kyle’s place and Josh and both are working really hard to redo all the remaining lines.

I am also so grateful that your company is willing to work with me to pay my bill. It was more than what we do upfront, but I appreciate being able to write checks to finish paying off my bill for the work these fine three gentlemen are doing today.

I cannot say again how thankful I am for their tireless hard work, and I am definitely gonna be using you again for my new heater next fall/winter, as well as for the air conditioning unit that needs maintenance on it as well and/or replaced. These gentlemen have been so nice to me and just made the whole experience more endurable.

Again, thank you soon much for taking time to read this. I think these men need to be recognized throughout the whole company for their kindness and as James is a current manager and has done this job for the past 25+ years. And I am sure Josh and Kyle have been doing this for years too despite them being younger than James. But each one showed exceptional customer service. Again thanks.                                        


Alayna S.

Picture this … you were treated to a nice thunderstorm last night with the thunder and rain stopping right before it was time to hit the hay. You wake up in the morning and it’s a bright, sunny day and everything smells fresh.

You grab your morning coffee and then remember you need to throw a load of laundry into the washer. You open the basement door, take a few steps down and end up with wet feet.

Your beautiful morning comes to a crashing halt and you’re stuck with a clean-up nightmare!

So what’s the root cause of this catastrophic water back-up in your basement?

For many homes in this area, the root cause is, well … roots!

That’s right, one of the most common causes of sewer line back up and basement flooding is pipes clogged because of roots. In many homes in this region, older clay sewer lines develop micro-fractures that allow roots to creep in. In other cases a tiny crack around pipe junctions provides just enough room for common roots to infiltrate older (and sometimes newer) sewer lines. This causes decreased flow and drainage issues, and in some cases a complete blockage. With no place to go, this dirty water backs up and often ends up in the basement or creates a septic pool in your backyard.

So how can you get to the root of the problem?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some magic way to see into those pipes to see what the true problem really was? Lucky for you, TJ’s Plumbing has access to some cutting edge diagnostic tools to identify what the problem truly is, and keep remediation costs to a minimum for you.

We start by using an advanced camera system from Spartan Tools. This camera allows us to see exactly what is causing the blockage and where. It also helps ensure that the entire blockage (and in some cases blockages) is cleared so you don’t have to worry about another back-up anytime soon.

Once the blockage is identified, we determine the best approach for clearing. In some cases a power snake and root cutting blades are used. We also have an industry-leading power jet (The Spartan Soldier Sewer Jetter) that is able to deliver a 3,000 psi jolt to clear debris and ensure your sewer lines are clear and free-flowing.

Keep your pipes root-free and your basement bone-dry!

At TJ’s Plumbing, our plumbing experts are trained on the proper use of these cutting-edge tools. We can help you identify and fix problems before they cause a major problem like basement flooding. And, if you do wake up with a flooding emergency, we can usually have a crew onsite shortly to help fix the issue right away.

From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, TJ’s is your trusted plumbing and HVAC contractor! Call us today!

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